Image of Miami Attraction (Kimani Romance)


Image of Miami Attraction (Kimani Romance)
MIAMI ATTRACTION (4.5) by Elaine Overton: Overton masterfully pens an intensely emotional story that draws readers to the heroine from the beginning and slowly uncovers the many layers of the hero's personality. You'll cheer for them both as the story concludes. Motivational speaker Mikayla Shroeder has a dog, Angel, who terrorizes the neighborhood. Even veterinarian Dusty Warren, who has a reputation for training difficult animals, has met his match. But his feelings for the elusive Mikayla have him working hard to train her unruly pet. Dusty treads slowly with the skittish Mikayla, realizing that to retrain Angel he must retrain her master, especially when he falls in love with her. Even a threat to Mikayla that reveals her secret past doesn't change Dusty's feelings.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims