Dame Sun, warrior of the Dames of the Opal Order, has spent almost her entire life plotting to kill General Mica because he destroyed her entire village, including her family. She survived the brutality of that raid thanks to Blaze, a Knight of the Ruby Order.

A stellar fighter, Dame Sun feels that the only way she'll find peace is to exercise vengeance and execute Mica. But to her surprise, the general is not the man she remembered him to be.

The fourth book in Hill's popular Knights of the Ruby Order series is intriguing, spicy and enjoyable, with strong secondary characters who work well within the fibers of the story. It takes place during a volatile time in history, so there is violence, although most of it goes unseen. But the book does have rape scenes that might upset sensitive readers. However, the story is solid and healing, thanks to gentle, compassionate writing, and justice takes high priority. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling