Image of Midnight's Wild Passion


Image of Midnight's Wild Passion

It isn’t just the sensuality she weaves into her story that makes Campbell a fan favorite, it’s also her strong, three-dimensional characters, sharp dialogue and deft plotting. Campbell intuitively knows how to balance the key elements of the genre and give readers an irresistible, memorable read.

Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw, has waited decades for the opportunity to have his revenge against Godfrey Demarest, for ruining his sister. Now, with Demarest’s sister, Cassandra, making her debut, he plans to seduce the chit and destroy her reputation. But first he has to get through her chaperone, Mrs. Smith, aka Lady Antonia.

Antonia knows all about rakes like Nicholas, having been forced from her life of privilege by scandal. She hides her identity under somber clothes and spectacles. She will not allow Cassandra to be caught in the same trap. But Nicholas’ immediate attraction to the plain, prim and proper Mrs. Smith is unexpected and it soon becomes more of a challenge to seduce her than ruin Cassandra. Antonia realizes how dangerous her attraction to him is, but she is tempted to seize the chance for the passion and pleasure Nicholas promises. But one night is not enough for either of them as lust and love blend together. Will seduction win over revenge? (AVON, May, 438 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin