Though Lady Lydia Beaumont appears the ideal Victorian lady, she hides a dangerous secret. Disguised as a man known as the 'Midnight Angel,' she roams the rookeries of London saving women from lives of prostitution. When a young girl is kidnapped, Lydia must accept help from the very man she has sought to avoid, Lord Hugh Montgomery.

Hugh was once enchanted by Lydia but was led to believe she died. When she comes to him for aid, he is thrilled and keeps his suspicions that she's the angel to himself, until he can regain her trust.

Following leads through the city, from one dangerous place to another, Hugh protects Lydia, and soon their shared passion proves they deserve another chance at love.

Beard knows how to make the pages fly through your fingers, not only with suspense, but also with sizzling passion and exhilarating adventure. A master of the craft, she creates memorable characters and magical stories. SENSUAL (Dec., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin