With a "stand and deliver," Lady Daniela Winslow stops a coach only to belatedly realize her mistake. Her disguise as the notorious "Gentleman Jack" is discovered as a farce.

Her intended victim is no simpering coward, but a bold and arrogant, devilishly handsome man who imprisons her in his arms, admonishing her to cease her foolish impersonation. He sends Daniela on her way with a kiss.

Lord Morgan Parnell looks forward to meeting this flame-haired woman again. His mission in Warwickshire is two-fold: to stop the impersonator and to find the financier of a Jacobite plot.

As a guest of her brother, Basil, Morgan meets Daniela again. The rumors of her ruined past leave him wondering. While brave enough to risk her life as a highwayman to help the local miners, she is an innocent with a fear of men.

The attraction Morgan feels for Daniela grows along with his desire. He shows her there is no need to fear men or marriage. Morgan is the only man for Daniela and knowing they will never marry, she flees. Riding to save his lady bandit from a neck stretching, Morgan must listen to his heart.

Though a bit contrived, MIDNIGHT BANDIT will delight readers with its lady outlaw, handsome, roguish rake and rousing conclusion with a Jacobite traitor and a duel for the lady's honor. SENSUAL (July, 379 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond