Image of Midnight Betrayal


Image of Midnight Betrayal

Fans of suspense will get a kick out of Leigh’s latest, guaranteed to produce tingles down the spine and a rapid pulse, which will accelerate for the duration of this engaging novel. The numerous plot twists will surprise readers and have them trying to untangle the mystery between Conor and Louisa, who are so lively and animated that most won’t want their story to end. There are a couple of repetitive scenes regarding Louisa’s past, but they don’t put a damper on the completely captivating storyline.

After being fired from her job in Maine due to artifact thefts on her watch, Dr. Louisa Hancock flees to Philadelphia and accepts a job at the Livingston Museum of Archaeology. As she begins to settle in, one of the interns is found dead. The brutal murder refocuses attention on Louisa. Then another intern goes missing and she’s shocked to learn that sports bar owner Conor Sullivan is linked to the abduction. Conor is the only man who’s recently seen the true Louisa, and she refuses to believe he’s guilty of the crime. She struggles between hiding her tumultuous past, avoiding the cops and keeping her burning attraction for Conor under wraps. All the while, Conor must fight to prove his innocence and Louisa must try to stay alive. (MONTLAKE, 336 pp., Sep., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi