Widowed and pregnant, Sarah Hadley is on her way to England when her ship is captured by American privateer Captain Chris MacLeod.

Sarah is frightened and furious at being held captive. Their time together is fraught with temperament, hurricanes and warships. But in Martinique, Chris and Sarah find better footing, getting to know one another, playing with Sarah's son Michael and making love.

Chris is determined to continue fighting against the British, so he takes Sarah to his parents' home in Virginia. When he returns seriously wounded, Sarah and his mother care for him. But he pushes Sarah away. Will he snap out of it before he turns her away for good?

Conn's earlier novels are enjoyable reads, but this novel is disappointingly slow and plodding. There is also a lack of strong character motivation, and though the main conflict is war, which often works well, it doesn't work here. SENSUAL (May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager