It's a good way to pass an evening. Although, it is a little weird on the passion side, Alex has dreams that border on necrophilia which might disturb more gentle readers.

Astrologer Alex Woding returns to Maidens Castle to map the stars. He has planned well: a remote location, an open sky. What he doesn't count on is the appearance of the resident ghost, Serena.

Determined to drive away those who dare inhabit her home, she begins causing trouble with her nasty tricks. While the rumors claim Serena killed her husband, shes kept the truth a secret for nearly 500 years. Only her deep attraction to Alex tempts her to forget her silence.

In an otherworldly game of seduction, Serena and Alex draw closer together though everyone thinks hes lost it. How can he explain hes fallen for a spirit? The best he can hope for is a life of lonely solitude until one of his sisters arrives with a gypsy who speaks with the dead.

(Sep., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black