Image of Midnight Bride


Image of Midnight Bride

The much anticipated third novel in the St. Leger chronicles has been worth the wait. This is Valentine and Kates story; the one we have awaited with baited breath simply because, as readers, we know it has to be.

Though Dr. Valentine St. Leger has always held a special place in his heart for Kate, the orphan adopted by Effie, he realizes they cannot ever marry. Legend decrees that a St. Leger must marry the woman chosen for him by the Bride Finder. And the Bride Finder tells Val that his destiny is to be alone.

But Kate loves Val and is determined to prove that love. Knowing nothing of her heritage or parentage, she has become the daughter Effie raised and a woman worthy of a St. Leger. But there are secrets to be revealed when an old enemy returns.

Driven by the obsession that has haunted the Mortmains, the destruction of the St. Legers, Rafe Mortmain makes a last journey to the St. Legers kingdom. His victim will be the gentle doctor whose gift for healing may become his downfall.

Rafe carries a secret that can ruin everything Val and Kate believe to be true.

The power of Ms. Carrolls writing is truly amazing, and THE MIDNIGHT BRIDE teems with emotional intensity, more so than her other St. Leger novels. There is also magic and wonder and such an intense peace that when you turn the last page, you will want to start reading all over again. This is a special book; a rare, eloquent tribute to the love of man for mankind. Brava Ms. Carroll. SENSUAL (May, 304 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin