Mitchell’s apocalyptic debut for teens is spine-tingling, action-packed terror told through straightforward, easy-to-read dialogue, painting a very bleak picture that should be right up adult sci-fi fans’ alley. His villains will charm, terrorize and engage readers, while his trio of stars keep us hoping for the best.

A reign of alien terror established eight years prior leaves the United States defenseless and almost adult-less as they’re snatched by a race known as The Assembly. The resourcefulness and resilience of its children means a new order. Teens Holt, a bounty hunter, and Mira, his captive, rescue Zoey, a strange little girl with special powers who’s being pursued by the aliens — she may hold the answers to reclaiming Earth. They travel to Midnight City for answers while being chased by the diabolical Assembly only to find deception, betrayal and danger. If they can survive both friends and foes, they may have a chance to change the world. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Nov., 384 pp., $17.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt