Rising star Lynn Kerstan gifts us with an alluring romance full of poignancy and joy for our reading pleasure.

Miss Jane Ryder is willing to do just about anything for her employer, the eccentric Lady Swann. After all, without the position as secretary to the would-be author, Jane might very well have had to live on the streets.

Not everyone, however, is happy about the book Lady Swann has almost completed. The new Marquess of Fallon, for one, is absolutely furious about it. Determined to repair the family reputation, the last thing he wants is an extensive chronicle of the myriad scandals surrounding his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.

Perhaps a compromise might be in order. And so Miss Jane Ryder finds herself willy-nilly accompanying the marquess to his long-neglected estate, where they promptly become snowbound. And then the magic of Christmas works a very special miracle...

Although the hero needs a little prompting at the end, Ms. Kerstan creates a love story of shining beauty that will bring a warm glow to your heart. (Nov., 199 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer