After the violent events of last years Hunters Moon irrevocably changed her life, Kate Shugak just disappeared. She hasnt been back to her homestead in the Alaskan wilderness, and no one has heard from her since that autumn. Finally, State Trooper Chopper Jim Chopin sets out to find her, but before he can start, hes sidetracked by FBI agents who want his help in nailing a Russian gangsterSiberia and Alaska are awfully close and convenient for some folks.

Chopper Jim goes to the small fishing village of Bering and has barely begun to investigate when he stumbles onto Kate, whos not at all happy to see him. Still filled with guilt over the deaths last fall, shes working under an assumed name and attempting to bury her grief in hard, 18-hour days. Then Kates friendship with a local Russian fisherman puts her at risk, and the two are soon, literally, in dangerous waters.

White-knuckle suspense, fast and furious action, and a wild and magnificent Alaskan setting make this an utterly compelling read. This series is always terrific, but MIDNIGHT may be Stabenows best yet! (May, 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie