Candice Proctor evokes places and eras so brilliantly that readers feel, see, taste and smell everything in this lush tale set in sultry New Orleans as a Confederate widow and a Yankee provost marshall investigate a murder.

Cavalry officer Zachary Cooper is in occupied New Orleans to investigate a murder committed with a silver-tipped arrow.

Since Emmanuelle de Beauvais witnessed the incident, she becomes Zachary's link to the killer. As the investigation progresses, secrets Emmanuelle would rather keep hidden, such as the missing silver arrow from her deceased husband's vampire-killing kit, come to light; Zachary does not believe Emmanuelle is a murderess. And even though she despises the Yankees for killing her husband, she neither denies the emotions Zachary arouses nor the grave danger their mutual attraction places them in.

More mystery than pure romance, MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS is a compelling tale of tangled threads, red herrings and a dangerous passion. Through her powerful prose, Ms. Proctor evokes the reader's emotions and her clever mystery will have you guessing along with Zachary and Emmanuelle. She even has us believing in vampires. Her skill for creating the ideal atmosphere, tension and romance astonishes, and kept this reader enthralled. SENSUAL (Jun., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin