Image of Midnight Confessions


Image of Midnight Confessions

Edwards establishes interest from the first page with an extremely unique plot. The story moves quickly as main character Faye goes after what she wants -- with gusto. Without losing a beat or leaving out details, the novel achieves a sensual tone that is tasteful and sexy. More background information on Faye, sooner, would have helped the story, but this flaw is minor in comparison to this novel's other fine qualities. Midnight Confessions is definitely entertaining reading.

Wholesome Faye Grantham's mind must have been taken over by the pod people because all she can think about lately is sex -- or perhaps it has something to do with her recent inheritance of the Perdition House bordello. Since acquiring the colorful asset that no one else in her family seemed to want, she can't seem to shake the horny feelings that occupy her every waking thought.

There's only one way to resolve the issue -- and it involves a good, old-fashioned lay. And she may have found the perfect candidate in Mark McLeod. (Aphrodisia, Mar., 300 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton