Image of A Midnight Dance  (Fiery Tales)


Image of A Midnight Dance  (Fiery Tales)

DiPasqua’s latest Fiery Tale is not your typical Cinderella story. This fresh and sexy retelling of the classic fairy tale features a spirited heroine, a dangerous “dark prince,” sizzling passion and plenty of historical intrigue that is guaranteed to keep readers interested.

Once Sabine Laurent had everything: beautiful dresses, jewels and a twin sister to share it with. The daughter of a wealthy playwright, she spent her nights backstage in her father’s theatre watching the aristocrats, dreaming about one in particular, Jules de Moutier, her dark prince. However, when civil unrest tears through France, Sabine loses everything — her home, her money, her father and her sister — and she blames the Moutier family. With the remainder of her family in danger of debtors’ prison, Sabine devises a desperate plan to steal a fortune in Spanish silver from Jules. But when faced once more with her dark prince, her determination begins to waver as she realizes some things are more powerful than revenge. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Aug., 368 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet