Broke, busted and utterly disgusted, Jade Alexander cant believe the year 2000 will be any better than 1999. Shes made so many mistakes in her life the most colossal being she married the wrong man and is now paying for it in spades. The saddest fact is she now knows that the man she gave up, Terrell Edmonds, is the only man shell ever love. Now, Terrell is back in her life, but shes too ashamed, too scared of commitment to let him into her heart.

Terrell isnt about to give up Jade a second time, even if it means doing battle with Jade herself. His award-winning photography has brought a job offer from a famous fashion house in Milan but his mothers health problems and his troubled relationship with Jade have taken over his life. After weeks of Jades indecisive behavior, Terrell wonders if hes just wasting his time and love on a woman wholl never be ready for a normal, healthy relationship.

MIDNIGHT DREAMS is the latest offering from veteran author Kayla Perrin, who delves beneath the layers of basic emotions to the raw, sensual longing that drives most lovers. In bringing Jade and Terrell together, Ms. Perrin joins passion with enduring love to create a very satisfying novel. (Dec., 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson