Image of The Midnight Effect


Image of The Midnight Effect

Fryer pens a first-rate, grab-you-by-the-seat- of-your-pants story that will not let go until you devour the entire book. Featuring a great suspense plot, this novel also has first-class paranormal and romantic aspects thrown in. Understandably and deservedly, Fryer won the Golden Heart award from the Romance Writers of America for this novel. Her writing style is so visual you can almost see Annie’s awe at her newly discovered world and all it has to offer. We hope to see more from this talented author in the future.

Ex-cop Miles Goodwin was minding his own business at his gas station when Lily Brent and her niece Annie literally exploded into his life. Chased by the goons who killed Annie’s mother, they run into the pumps at Miles’ station and blow the place up. Miles, Lily and Annie escape in Miles’ truck — and from that moment they’re on the run for their lives. While Lily and Annie stir feelings in Miles that he thought were dead and buried, he is determined not to give in to his heart. Raised in a scientific compound as basically a lab rat by Colton Reilly, a madman who is determined to develop a superior race, Annie is a talented child with psychic abilities who has never had fast food or watched Sesame Street. Annie is terrified at the thought of going back and Lily is determined to protect her niece at all costs. It is only after first Annie and then Lily are snatched by Reilly that Miles decides he can no longer deny his feelings. (SAMHAIN, Jun., 248 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler