Elizabeth Carlton is the owner of Its Only Make Believe, a business that makes other peoples fantasies come true. However, she longs to unleash the wild woman within and experience her own fantasy with the sexy cowboy who haunts her dreams.

Looking for the perfect setting for a couples gunslinger/saloon girl fantasy, Elizabeth goes to the site of a famous Galveston bordello. Discovering legendary stripper Sinful Sinca Lirs trunk, Elizabeth tries on alluring costumes. Slipping on a jewel-encrusted garter as the finishing touch, Elizabeth is suddenly center stage amidst a randy crowd of cowboys expecting her to take it all off.

Imagine Elizabeths surprise when she falls unexpectedly into the lap of the cowboy from her dreams and Colt offers to pay her for three delicious weeks of lessons in sex. Tired of being prim, Elizabeth jumps at what may be her only chance to live her fantasy. She then learns that he has hired her on behalf of his younger stepbrother.

What ensues is a rip-rollicking, hilarious adventure that will steal your heart and have you laughing out loud. Ms. Raye has penned a delightfully, different time travel. Brimming with humor, passion, love and adventure, MIDNIGHT FANTASIES will have you cheering Elizabeth on as she seduces Colt and wins his heart and the love of a lifetime. SEXY (Sep., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor