Mystery novelist Thomas Heyworth has always done things his way—and even in death he manages to stir up trouble. Instead of leaving a straightforward will, Thomas has set up a treasure hunt—the prize being his entire estate.

There are six contestants paired up in teams of two. But for Evie Randall, winning the prize is not nearly as important as finding out who murdered Thomas. Evie was raised on Thomas' secluded island after the death of her mother and considers him family.

For Detective Max Galloway, Thomas was a despised stepfather who stole away his mother prior to her death. Max and Evie are one of the teams, but Evie is nearly killed in a suspicious accident just before Max arrives. There's a ton of money at stake, and Evie seems to have a bull's-eye painted on her. Staying alive quickly becomes just as tough as trying to unravel the clues, since revenge, betrayal and just plain ol' greed can be powerful motivators.

Stillings proves she has genuine talent as she deftly sets up this humorous yet dangerous treasure hunt. Danger, drama, romance and llamas—what more could you ask for? (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith