Michele Bardsley packs the plot of a novel into this 74-page narrative. So if you like your romantic suspense lightly drawn and quickly finished, you might enjoy MIDNIGHT INTENTIONS.

However, this narrative is so brief that the developments feel unbelievably rapid, as Callie's life and emotions change very quickly. Early in the story Callie shoots at a stranger, but five pages later, on the same day, she is savoring the hope and joy that he has brought into her blighted life.

The suspense is not too hard to figure out—and it is also quite improbable. Still, Callie's encounters with her tormentor are scary and gruesome, while those with the hero were fun to watch. One of the challenges Callie must overcome is a fear of men, the result of earlier abuse. Watching Callie learn to handle her fears and actively work to reclaim her life is rewarding. However, the tale would have been more enjoyable with a longer narrative, more developed plot and refined writing.

It begins with Callie's trial for her husband's death. She nurses her father, meets, resists and succumbs to the hero, deals with threats from a mysterious stalker and survives the suspenseful plot's climax.

(dl $4.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo