Dr. Josephine Farrington has developed her most brilliant breakthrough: a substance that feels like real human skin.

Josies newest dream is to create a life-size robotic man. To accomplish this feat, Josie is going to need help from reclusive fellow scientist Marvin Tannenbaum, who can help create the structure of her perfect man, already nicknamed ADAM.

It seems that Marvin has been working on a revolutionary heat sensor/converter that could wind up being the power source for ADAM. He sees Josies new project as the perfect opportunity to regain his lost reputation. Marvin is actually discredited scientist Matt Taylor in disguise. He had been accused of stealing the notes to his own inventiona revolutionary new sensor pad. In order to prove his innocence, Matt plans to make a huge splash at the upcoming Science Expo with ADAM. The only problem is trying to maintain his nerdy disguise with the attractive Josie around.

And surprisingly Marvin is starting to look very good to Josie who is already on a perfect mate hunt.

Kimberly Raye rolls out loads of charm and humor in this Pygmalion tale with a scientific twist. MIDNIGHT KISSES exposes Ms. Rayes wonderful versatility as an author. (On-sale Feb., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith