Image of Midnight Lies: The Wildefire Series


Image of Midnight Lies: The Wildefire Series

Grace (aka Christy Reece) crafts a very readable, steamy suspense plot in this second book of the tightly knit Wildefire series. The introduction of several possible villains keeps the reader guessing. The marrying of a suspense plot with a full-fledged small-town romance is a bit distract- ing at times, but both stories are successfully concluded by the end. It is strongly recommended that the series be read in order.

Samantha Wilde was the golden girl in her town growing up. Everybody thought she effortlessly smiled her way through life. However, the cheerful mask hid a lot of pain, and now she is discovering it is biting chunks out of her life. When her lover is accused of murder, she instantly assumes the worst. After he is cleared, he won’t forgive her, so Samantha retreats to Midnight, Ala. There, with her sisters and townsfolk to support her, she is determined to build a new life. War veteran and doctor Quinn Braddock was devastated when Samantha walked away from him in his hour of need. He is no stranger to betrayal, but this one gutted his heart. However, after a month of misery without her, Quinn realizes he needs to accept her apology and take responsibility for his own lack of openness in their relationship. So, he decides to go to Midnight and try to win Samantha back. To his horror, a killer follows him right to her door. (BALLANTINE, Oct., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan