The last thing Meg Drake expects to see is a man falling unconscious at her feet. As Meg tends to this stranger, she sees evidence of a severe beating.

He tells her that he is Stephen Wingate from England, on his way to see his brother in New York. He dare not risk recapture by telling how he was forced into the British Navy, then sold to Hiram Flynt. He's off to England to find the enemy who incited this evil chain of events.

Stephen's plans go awry when Meg's brother is injured in a farming accident and offers his assistance.

When they are forced into marriage Stephen discloses his love and though she loves him, she is confused.

Their return to England is fraught with disappointment, while Meg yearns for her Virginian home. Can they eventually find happiness?

MIDNIGHT LORD is an engaging read for those who enjoy colonial American history and the sophistication of England. SENSUAL (Nov., 373 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond