Patsy Washington has been the obedient daughter for most of her life, including agreeing to marry the man her father deemed a suitable husband. However, when Patsy catches her suitable husband-to-be in the arms of her best friend, she knows she must make changes in her life and break free of her fathers controlling ways.

After learning that his daughter is pregnant but plans to break her engagement, Jacob Washington demands that she get UN-pregnant, find a husband, or get out of town. With a newfound confidence, Patsy tells him shes keeping her baby and has no intention of leaving. Jacob, a prominent member of the community, makes it his business to find her a husband, even if he has to resort to blackmail.

As youngsters, Patsy and Austin cared deeply for one another, until her father ran Austin off because he was from the wrong side of town. Now, 16 years later, Austin, a CPA and prospective law student, is back in her life and proposing marriage. While initially stunned, Patsy takes a leap of faith and accepts.

As Austin and Patsy begin to care more and more for each other, their love is tested by her fathers blackmail scheme and Austins stubborn pride. MIDNIGHT MAGIC is a good story with an interesting plot. The delivery, however, is drawn out and a few of the external conflicts are a bit forced. (Aug., 266 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Dungee