With her father's death, Lady Gwendolyn de Leon becomes the king's ward -- his to dispose of to the man who slaughtered her father on the battlefield, Alberic of Chester.

The illegitimate son of a nobleman, Alberic is knighted and ready to wed a noblewoman. He will not give up his chance for a fine wife, nor will he relinquish the ring that he took from Gwendolyn's father.

Intent upon saving her home and family, Gwendolyn must call upon an ancient spell. But she needs the dragon ring Alberic wears and plots to seduce the usurper to reclaim the ring.

No matter how hard she tries, though, the ring cannot be removed from Alberic's hand, and Gwendolyn begins to believe that his kisses and sweet caresses are a powerful spell all their own.

With a touch of magic, Anton crafts a fairly predictable, well-written, nicely characterized medieval that has just the right amount of passion, mysticism and mythology. SENSUAL (Dec., 368 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin