Image of The Midnight Man


Image of The Midnight Man

Chilling with an underlying terror,
sensual with understated passion,
gripping with historical references
and with remarkable talent, Mede's
latest should enlarge her fan base by
engaging readers' emotions as well
as their heated fantasies.

Young, wealthy, widowed and known for her scandalous artwork, Helena Hartford has enemies ready to confiscate her fortune and confine her to an asylum. Just when she fears she will lose her freedom, Nicholas Ramsay appears, demanding she trust him with her life and independence.

Nicholas is already familiar with her paintings, but he has another reason for keeping Helena close: revenge. He's stunned by his overwhelming attraction to her and how easily it overcomes his vengeance. As he spirits Helena away to South America to help him prove Darwin's theory of evolution, a powerful passion erupts. But as strong as their liaison is, they are unable to prevent the forces of evil from attempting to destroy them. (Brava, Aug., 303 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin