Image of Midnight at Marble Arch (Thomas Pitt, Book 28)


Image of Midnight at Marble Arch (Thomas Pitt, Book 28)

Bestselling author Perry continues her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series with another splendid success. She is so familiar with life at this time that history, attitudes and culture are slipped in seamlessly so the reader sees the world as Victorians did. Not only are Inspector Pitt and his wife fully realized, their circle of friends and acquaintances also feel real and alive. This is a series to read from the beginning.

The wife of a prominent man has been either murdered or taken her own life after being raped in her home. Another young woman who’s coming out in society is behaving in such a way that Charlotte and her great-aunt Vespasia are certain she was raped, but they are not sure how to help. They understand that her reputation, not the man’s, will be ruined. Victor Narroway, Thomas’ former superior at Special Forces, is a link between the two crimes; he also feels a moral need to find out the truth. For the Pitts, the cases hit emotionally close to home as their daughter is only two years younger than the young woman and their son only slightly younger than her. Could this happen to their daughter? Could ther son someday become the type of young man to casually destroy a girl? (BALLANTINE, Apr., 368 pp., $27.00)

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Page Traynor