The murder of her daughter, Sarah, forces Cassandra into the Witness Protection Program and into an obsessive quest to find a way to raise Sarah from the dead. Cassandra moved to New Orleans and has become a powerful voodoo priestess. After helping the Jager-Suchers with a werewolf problem, she agrees to join them, then heads to Haiti to learn some dangerous magic.

For Cassandra, the quest to learn how to raise a dead voodoo queen in order to break the werewolf curse fits neatly with her own desperate ambition. In Haiti, Cassandra must travel into dangerous regions to track down a legendary evil Bokor and learn his secrets. Her expatriate guide, Devon Murphy, has his own reasons for wanting to track down the Bokor. Cassandra and Murphy are heading into the heart of darkness and definitely playing with deadly fire.

Obsession can be a very dangerous state of mind, and this heroine has definitely fallen to the dark side. Cassandra's emotional journey is riveting, although colored with darkness and despair. The gifted Handeland continues to explore the shadowy and passionate side of the paranormal while making sure readers are taken on a rip-roaring ride! (Aug., 347 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith