Sophie Yorke declined 22 marriage proposals before accepting the offer from Brandon Chatwin, Earl of Slaslow.

Infamous rake Patrick Foakes once proposed to Sophie and was rebuffed, even after they were caught kissing. He believes Sophie rejected him because he doesnt have a title, unlike Chatwin, who is an earl.

Despite suffering rejection from her, Patrick agrees to assist Sophie and Chatwin in their efforts to elope. The plan goes wrong when he is caught and is forced to marry Sophie. Instead of feeling vindicated, Patrick thinks she has only followed through with her marriage because he was recently granted the title Earl of Gisle, and a position as diplomat to Selim III, head of the Ottoman Empire. Somehow Sophie has to convince Patrick that she has married him for love and not his title.

Shifting from London to the Middle East, MIDNIGHT PLEASURES is an enthralling read from a vibrant new talent. Ms. James delivers a sensual, exciting, fresh romance that is pure reading pleasure. SENSUAL (May, 464 pp., $4.99—Hardcover published August 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin