The metal pins holding together Phoebe Rain's knee are a reminder of the horrors of her past. Her psychotic ex-husband, Michael, killed two students and shot her before she managed to severely injure him. Now he lies in a coma, not expected to ever regain consciousness.

Surviving by doing tarot card readings on the Psychic Sisters Network, Phoebe senses she is being stalked. Somehow she even receives threatening phone calls from Michael, which has her baffled.

Dr. Alan MacKerrie hasn't recovered from the loss of his daughter, Chick, five years ago. When he sees a vision of her, he doesn't know what to think—especially when his reclusive neighbor Phoebe arrives, claiming Chick sent her. Alan is used to rational explanations, but events seem to suggest that evil now stalks both Alan and Phoebe.

Lisle explodes onto the suspense scene with a book so chilling and a voice so original that she's sure to become a major player. Creepy and thrilling, this book is truly unforgettable. (Nov., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith