Image of Midnight Reign (Vampire Babylon, Book 2)


Image of Midnight Reign (Vampire Babylon, Book 2)

The middle chapter in Green's Vampire Babylon trilogy is heavy on exposition and backstory, but light on plot momentum. Partially due to the multitude of
secondary characters, the heroine never really comes into focus. Still this is developing into a dark, edgy and complex series, where treachery and betrayal are around every corner.

The hunt for her missing father has led stuntwoman Dawn Madison into a deadly new career. By joining Limpet and Associates like her father before her, Dawn has become a vampire hunter, part of a team dedicated to hunting down and destroying the Underground.

Dawn has as many questions about her mysterious boss, whom she calls the Voice since he's heard but never seen, as she does about the vampires she hunts. A new high-profile killing that bears the marks of a vampire attack sucks Dawn right back into the shadowy Hollywood that may have destroyed her parents. Although she doesn't yet know it, Dawn is they key to a deadly battle -- one where friends and foes may be difficult to discern. (ACE, Feb., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith