Since the day his family's ranch was stolen by Fletcher Austin, Ramon de la Guerre vowed to find a way to reclaim his birthright. Riding the California hills as the mysterious, avenging "El Dragon," he and his men strike out at the Americanos.

Caralee (Carly) McConnell had come to California believing that here she could begin a new and wonderful life free from poverty. But once she met the handsome Ramon and sensed the hostility between her Uncle Fletcher and the virile young Spaniard, Carly knows she is in the middle of a war.

When fate places Carly in Ramon's hands, he plans to make her life a living hell, but her innocence and sweetness soon melt his resolve and in his mountain hideout passion begins to grow.

Though Ramon sets her free, Carly can never forget the love she has for the desperado and rather than being forced into marriage, she weds Ramon, pledging to help him find a way to regain his home and his freedom.

Drawing on the colorful history of her native California, Kat Martin weaves a marvelous western romance that sizzles with unbridled passion and a heated battle of wills. Readers will be enraptured by the heart pounding adventure and warmed to their toes by the sensuality of MIDNIGHT RIDER. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin