Bernadette Barron deals more easily with her chronic asthma than with her rough Irish father's obsession with Texas society. Colson Barron constantly presents her to impoverished European noblemen with the intention of buying her a titled husband.

Bernadette undermines his plans whenever she can. Although she expects that her poor health will prevent her from marrying, she's interested in her long time friend Eduardo Rodrigo Ramirez y Cortes, American by birth but a count in Spain.

Eduardo's own marriage had ended with the mysterious death of his wife and son. Marriage holds no happiness for him. When Bernadette suggests marriage to him, Eduardo is drawn to the idea because the Barron money could help him save his ranch.

The situation presents many problems, but no problem promises to out-weigh their growing love.

Diana Palmer's romance meets the challenges of presenting multi-cultural Southwestern Texas in an engaging love story. SENSUAL (Oct., 264 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger