Image of Midnight Rising (The Midnight Breed, Book 4)


Image of Midnight Rising (The Midnight Breed, Book 4)

Previous revelations add a critical urgency to the overarching plotline of Adrian's new novel. Packed with danger and action, this book also explores the tumultuous emotions of guilt, anger, betrayal and forgiveness. Adrian has hit on an unbeatable story mix.

Tabloid journalist Dylan Alexander gets the scoop of her life when she stumbles upon a cave containing a crypt with strange markings. Inside the cave is physically and mentally damaged Breed warrior Rio. When Dylan escapes with photos, Rio must track her down to eliminate the evidence.

But once he gets in range of Dylan he realizes that she's a potential Breedmate. Having been betrayed before, Rio isn't looking for love, but their attraction is intense. Since learning that an ancient evil has been resurrected, the Breed order has been doing damage control. But it is Dylan's gift for seeing ghosts that gives the warriors their first horrifying clue into the plans of a fiendish madman. (DELL, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith