Jake Taylor, a captain in the Confederate Army, returns home hoping to put the past behind him. But the challenges of building a new life prove almost as difficult as the battles he fought. On a trip to San Antonio, Jake is attacked by renegades and is lying in the dirt when he sees an angel peering down at him.

Erica Mueller and her family left Germany for Texas with the hope of making a better life. She cannot turn her back on a wounded stranger, and by bringing Jake home she opens up her heart and sees a glimmer of hope for the future as she and Jake fall in love.

Jake dreams and plans to find a way to convince her strict family to let them marry, but when the past comes crashing down on them, Erica prays she will have a second chance at love and happiness.

The clash of two different cultures, a sweet love story, colorful details of German Texas history and a poignant view of reconstruction set this story apart from other westerns, yet Grant captures the aura of the west and its people to deliver what every western romance reader wants: a wild land, a rugged hero and a strong heroine. SWEET (Nov., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin