Ms. Gideon continues to run in the forefront of the Vampire-romance genre. With non-stop action and passion combined in an exotic setting, MIDNIGHT SHADOWS will definitely thrill fans, leaving them craving more.

Renowned occult scientist Dr. Sheba Reynard is in Puerto Rico studying a string of bizarre murders when her friend, Paulo Lemos, asks her to follow him to Peru.

It appears that there has been a string of unexplained killings there as well. The victims throats have been slashed and the corpses drained of blood. This is a serious problem for Harper Research because the Peruvian government is threatening to close down Paulo's operations for their own safety.

Frank Cobb is hired to find the killer and brings Sheba into the jungle with him. As Frank and Sheba investigate, they fall in love. Yet all is threatened by the ancient, diabolical killer who has been her family's curse for generations.

(May, 300 pp., $10.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin