Image of Midnight Sins


Image of Midnight Sins

This highly readable, fast-paced story makes the existence of paranormal creatures a perfectly normal background for the suspenseful search for a serial killer. Sure, the hero has to discover and accept the existence of all these other races, but the focus on the clues keeps readers racing through the pages. It's a very nice treatment of the paranormal, and the way Eden doles out information, both to readers and characters, is done very well.

Someone is tying men to the bed and draining the life out of them. The victims appear ready for wild sex, but they're stone dead, with not a mark on them. Det. Todd Brooks is baffled. Then the ID of Cara Firon is found with a victim's clothing. When Todd brings Cara downtown for questioning, the effect on the bullpen is strange. The guys will do anything for her.

Cara fights to keep her scent under control at the station. She doesn't want to attract or enthrall the men, but when a succubus gets upset, the pheromones fly. Now the big question is, who wants to set her up for murder? And what is with this big attraction between her and Todd? He is just a human, right?

(BRAVA, Dec., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan