Turn-of-the-century New York newspaper publisher Cassandra Alexander is fascinated with her neighbors-the elderly Arabella and her young, handsome companion, Louis Radcliffe. A string of violent murders of women who resemble Cassie compels Arabella to plead with Louis to protect Cassie.

Cassandra has no way of knowing that her "guardian angel" is really a centuries-old vampire or that Arabella is his beloved wife growing old as mortals must. Knowing her death is near, Arabella chooses Cassie as Louis' next love. After her death, a grief-stricken Louis surrenders to his unholy desire when he and Cassandra are thrown together in a dangerous game of murder and menace.

Drawn to Louis' strong embrace and the passion that seems to simmer beneath the surface, Cassandra begins to yearn for him. But when Arabella unknowingly unleashes the demons of the past (Louis' old nemesises, Bianca and Gerardo) and they combine with new enemies, Louis and Cassie must battle mortal and immortals alike to win love as their prize.

The seductive lure of "Dark Shadows" blends with the sensuality of the finest Vampire novels to suck readers into the elusive, sensual world of the immortal, where unholy desire merges with a need to save the innocent from evil to find undying love. (May, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin