Nevada James' (code name: Velvet) field agent training is about to begin. Now if only she could live out her fantasy involving an agent she knows only by his code name, Midnight, and his equally sexy voice. This seems impossible until Nevada takes a distress call from Midnight and risks her life to save him.

While Nevada saves him, she places herself in danger and is soon under Midnight's protection and tutelage. Working and living with the man she now knows as Tyler becomes complicated when her fantasies are realized in Tyler's arms.

This is great erotic suspense! Burton does an excellent job of marrying the plot with the intense sexual tension between Nevada and Tyler. As they run from whomever is after them, they race toward each other at breakneck speed. The love and lust between them is palp-able, and the love scenes and action are hot. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider