The heat that Holly and Niol generate warms the chill from a truly gruesome organ-stealing murderer. Readers will cheer at their unlikely attraction, but the twist in the plot is what really makes Eden's latest unforgettable.

Reporter Holly is not afraid to get her hands dirty to help catch the killer murdering her city's "other" population. Niol, a bar owner and the area's most powerful demon, knows that if someone is demon hunting, it's going to take demonic strength to end the killing spree. He doesn't want any human -- no matter how hot she is -- getting caught in the crossfire.

But Niol doesn't expect his attraction to Holly to become anything more serious, and when it does, there's someone else watching. Will Holly and Niol be able to unmask the killer?

(BRAVA, Jul., 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan