Image of Midnight's Temptation (Dark Warriors)


Image of Midnight's Temptation (Dark Warriors)

Grant’s smoldering seventh Dark Warriors outing will grip readers from the first page, immersing them in her wounded, lonely couple’s journey of redemption. The blazing intensity of their growing love is interspersed with preparation for an upcoming battle, blending passion and suspense with ease. As many past characters return for the impending showdown, old plotlines continue to develop, meaning new readers might have a difficult time catching up — the series’ fans might want to review before reading, too. However, the rewards are great, as each scene is filled with Grant’s clever, complex characters and trademark sizzle.

Ever since they shared a secret kiss, Phelan has yearned for Aisley, a Druidess whose magic is unlike any other he’s ever known, stirring the heart that he thought dead. But Aisley is a wanted woman, running desperately from a man whose darkness changed her forever. Though Phelan offers her safety and the promise of passion unlike any she’s ever known, Aisley refuses to put him at risk because of her mistakes. But Aisley’s pursuer is a man who Phelan and his fellow Warriors know well, and one who will stop at nothing to get the revenge he craves. (ST. MARTIN’S, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown