Image of A Midsummer Bride (Marriage Mart)


Image of A Midsummer Bride (Marriage Mart)

This sprightly romance sparkles with light humor and a delightful cast of characters, including staid dukes, devious mothers, a crotchety grandfather, an outspoken American heiress and an unlikely pair of matchmakers. With more than one romance and the hunt for a traitor, this Marriage Mart installment is just plain fun.

When American heiress Harriet Burton’s ship is attacked by a British frigate off the United States coast, she uses the fact that she is Lord Langley’s granddaughter to negotiate safe passage. Instead of being left in New York, she is taken to London to meet the grandfather she has never known. The old, cantankerous Langley wants nothing to do with his granddaughter and hires London’s finest matchmaker, Madam X, to find her a husband at an upcoming house party. From the moment he meets Harriet, Duncan Maclachlan, Earl of Thornton, is intrigued. Time and time again he rescues her from social faux pas, defending her when her chemistry experiments go awry or when she speaks out against the impressment of American sailors. Since neither Harriet nor Thornton desire marriage they make the perfect team to foil matchmaking. When it comes to ferreting out a spy, Harriet’s scientific knowledge is exactly what they need. Neither expects their sparks of desire to ignite. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin