The paranormal element in this novella is slight but it plays a big role in the hero and heroine’s journey. Summer and Matt have the ability to “walk” in the other person’s dreams. This leads to explosive sex that the somewhat conservative Summer would not normally engage in. But it is refreshing to see how these dream experiences help Summer come to terms with her innate sensuality and lay the foundation for the extremely hot, adventurous love play that takes place when she and Matt meet in real life. The only complaint that the reader might have is that the novella is too short. It would have been nice to spend more time with the hero and heroine and if the paranormal elements in the tale were more fleshed out.

Summer Holiday has the perfect lover. Matt is sweet, thoughtful and seriously hot. Unfortunately, Matt isn’t real, he’s merely a figment of Summer’s overactive imagination … or so she thinks. The truth is that Matt Warren is alive and has the power to enter the dreams of others. Matt has always known that one day he would find Summer and do his best to convince her to take a chance on their mutual passionate natures, but their have simply never aligned. However, when that changes and Matt is able to introduce himself in the flesh, Summer is completely shocked. Although the rest of her family believes in magic, this goes way beyond her comfort zone. Will Matt be able to keep her from panicking long enough to convince her their relationship is the stuff that dreams are made of? (ELLORA’S CAVE, May 2011, dl. $4.45)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne