Image of Midsummer Night (Aetherial Tales)


Image of Midsummer Night (Aetherial Tales)

This is the second book in Warrington’s Aetherial tales series, and while it is only loosely connected to the first volume, it is every bit as evocative and compelling. Gill is an intelligent and prickly protagonist and the mystery at Cairndonan is one of family secrets, great art and magic.

In the years after the Great War, on the northwest coast of Scotland, the veil between the worlds thinned and a young man disappeared into the world of the Aetherials as his uncle died of fright. Cairndonan is owned by artist Julianna Flagg, and she runs retreats every year on the property. This summer she has rented a cottage out to convalescent runner Gillian Sharma. One day while exploring the woods, Gill finds herself in a village called Boundary that appears on no map and which no one seems to know about. While there, she meets two men: Rufus and Leith. A short time after she returns to Cairndonan, Leith appears on her doorstep — confused and alone. (TOR, Nov., 416 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs