Belle is finally able to take time for herself now that her father is happily married. It's been too long since her last vacation, and she leaves New York to rest at a cabin in the woods. There she rescues alpha pack leader Alex Whitehorse, who has been shot. His alpha manner is unpleasant, but she can't resist her instinctual attraction to him.

Although Alex feels a strong pull from Belle, he considers her an abomination because her father mated with a pure wolf rather than a werewolf. Further, Alex has a history with Belle's family—one that won't be easy to put behind him.

This story of lust remarkably achieves a great amount of romanticism. Both Alex and Belle are strong, attractive and heartwarming characters. Part of a series, the overall story continues to grow and remain interesting. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor