In 1892, midwife and healer Leah Gunderson returns to Kirby Falls, the town where she spent her childhood, to escape an irate husband who believes she murdered his infant son.

When the towns only doctor denies Garlan Lundstroms wife care, Gar seeks Leahs help. She births Gars daughter, but cannot save his wife. Gar blames Leah, but needs her help caring for the baby. She soon grows to love the baby and Gars older son as well. Then Gar proposes: he needs child care and a housekeeper, but doesnt want a real wife. Leah consents, telling herself its for Gars children.

The heroines secrets are woven into the problems and virtues of her community for intriguing conflict. In this refreshingly written and finely traditional romance, Carolyn Davidson places high value on family and on the virtue of daily work. Sensual (Sep., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger