Image of A Midwife Crisis


Image of A Midwife Crisis

There's a sweet homespun charm that makes Cooke's latest an enchanting tale. With humor that captures the setting and tenderness that depicts the warmth of the characters, Cooke will steal your heart.

Everyone in her small town brings their medical problems to Katie Cole, who may not have a degree but does know home remedies and the needs of the townsfolk. Katie longs for more, though -- someone to love.

Her family agrees, and they find three possible matches for her. Then handsome doctor John Keefer comes home with his young daughter, Julia. He wants to build a practice, but the townsfolk trust Katie, not an outsider, and John can see why. He and his daughter are captivated, and John must convince Katie that he's the best man for her. But Katie's already falling in love; so how does she get away from her fiances? (LEISURE, Feb., 292 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin