Image of Midwife, Mother ... Italian's Wife (Harlequin Medical, 485)


Image of Midwife, Mother ... Italian's Wife (Harlequin Medical, 485)

MIDWIFE, MOTHER...ITALIAN'S WIFE (4.5) by Fiona McArthur: Italian doctor Leonardo Bonmarito is in Australia for his brother’s wedding. The trip helps take Leon's mind off of the recent attempted kidnapping of his son for ransom. Another welcome Australian distraction is midwife Tammy Moore. A single mother herself, Leon and Tammy bond over their children, medicine and mutual physical attraction. They decide to take things slow, but when both of their sons are taken, Tammy and Leon must lean on each other for strength. Leon is everything a reader could want in a foreign hero – strong, gallant with perhaps more than a touch of male arrogance. But despite somewhat outdated ideas about a woman’s place, he truly respects Tammy. He is attracted to her assertiveness and confidence, which Tammy has in spades. An added treat is that the reader gets an up close look at Tammy’s work as a midwife. The author, Fiona McArthur, a midwife herself, adds wonderful detail about this profession that readers will find fascinating. 

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Dawn Crowne