Three imaginative stories — fascinating on their own — easily whisk the reader away to alternate worlds of magical love, though it helps to be familiar with the authors’ previous works.

Vicar Michael Carroll has loved headmistress Rebecca Thompson for 20 years, and now he hopes to woo her, though she loves another. With the help of three spirits in the tradition of Dickens, he just might succeed in Hieber’s “A Christmas Carroll.” Battle sylph Mace has been bound to Lily for years. In “The Worth of a Sylph” by McDonald, she wants to make sure he has a master of his own choosing when she dies. Looking for a second master now, he finds one in an unexpected place. Taylor’s “The Crystal Crib” has Sonja traveling to Iceland to secure a business deal for her aunt. But her work with Vidar results in her meeting the father she never knew, and discovering a past she could never imagine. (DORCHESTERPUB.COM)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley