In book one of a new trilogy, Pillow
introduces the underwater world of
the Mere people. While it starts out
with an interesting premise, this story
has too many unexplained factors.
The abrupt ending is very unsatisfying
and frustrating.

Scientist Bridget Denton is studying on a ship off the coast of Florida. One day the boat is attacked by a giant sea creature and sinks, and Caderyn the Hunter, one of the Mere people who inhabit a cursed island under the sea, rescues her. Bridget intrigues Caderyn, and he soon falls in love with her beauty and spirit.

After Bridget finds out that Caderyn is responsible for her safety until she marries, she publicly declares that she doesn't need his protection. Before she realizes it, they're married, and a series of bumps on the road to marital bliss follows. (New Concepts, Oct., 172 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler